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Investment data is manufactured throughout your organisation and encompasses many disciplines and functions including order management, accounting, risk management, performance measurement, attribution, compliance and market data. As data volumes continue to rise, so do the number of requests for specific information from internal stakeholders and external customers and regulators. 

The reality for most investment management organisations is that their systems landscape has been designed from the ground up.  A single request for information might require extracts from multiple systems exported into a spreadsheet for manipulation and further analysis. Everyone recognises this scenario. Not only is it costly and time consuming it is also error-prone. 


Anova Architecture
The Anova suite of products with its unique combination of investment data management components and analytics engines helps you make sense of the complex information environment.

The core rationale for Anova is its ability to integrate data from multiple systems into a comprehensive investment data model which is the blueprint for an effective investment management business. 

A sound investment data management philosophy allows for timely and effective analytics. Anova provides extensive calculation engines for performance measurement, IBOR and compliance and sophisticated visualisation functionality.

DST’s Global Survey reveals that 76% of top-tier investment managers have seen a significant increase in the priority
of investment data management. 62% of participants say that data aggregation is the biggest challenge.

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The Anova suite comprises:

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