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PAS - Pensions and Actuarial Services

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The PAS solution sets a new standard in pensions and financial planning calculations and illustrations. With a powerful calculation engine at its heart, it is designed to integrate seamlessly with pension administration and retirement planning tools used by advisers. It is designed to deliver actuarially sound calculations for informed decision-making in signing new business, refining existing business client requirements, planning and analysis purposes. It helps retirement advisers serve their client base with confidence and clarity.

PAS uses the same base data settings for all the calculations and illustrations. This eliminates duplication and ensures consistency across applications. When underlying assumptions need updating or a firm's fees change, only one entry is needed to change all the calculations.

Illustrate, plan, analyse ...

Our software supports the main financial planning and pensions advisory functions:

  • Regulated illustrations - projections are produced within the regulatory framework of the local market and take the provider's product design and charges into account
  • Financial Planner - using this online tool, advisers can bring together projected income from all of a client's assets to model different strategies
  • Analytical tools - a range of tools to help pension professionals analyse more complex planning issues

PAS is flexible. It can be deployed as a bespoke solution to fit a client's particular needs.

Easy to integrate

PAS is web-enabled and easy to integrate with a wrap platform, a provider's IFA extranet, a SIPP or other administration system

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