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In an uncertain investment world recently rocked by investment failures and mistrust, both investor demands and regulatory change creates extra pressure requiring more effort in administration and compliance to manage investments. Without effective systems in place, wholesale and retail fund managers can expect increasing costs as they grow their business.

The right technology choice can support superior customer service, assist you to efficiently keep up with ongoing changes in regulatory compliance and have the flexibility to adapt to and support the ever changing needs of the business.

The ideal solution will be able to bear the load of running efficient and secure custodian and registry operations so that fund managers can focus on what they do best – creating wealth for their clients – while letting the operational areas of their business perform consistently in a reliable and effective manner. Our HiTrust solution offers the answer.

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A proven Transfer Agency Management solution

With more than a decade of development behind it, the HiTrust suite offers a transfer agency and mutual fund management solution that is proven to be robust, compliant, flexible and scalable.

HiTrust is a comprehensive transfer agency solution, suitable for both the wholesale and retail markets. With clients in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, HiTrust is an international solution, with multi-lingual and multi-currency support built-in. HiTrust clients have confidence in the support and backing of DST Global Solutions, one of the world's largest suppliers of software and services to the finance industry.

Features of the HiTrust solution

  • Comprehensive Trade Cycle Management - the HiTrust solution provides comprehensive trade-cycle management for transactions against the Funds
  • Configurable Workflows – the solution can be configured to support non-standard workflows by allowing the creation and assignment of additional steps to transactions
  • Easy Integration to Other Systems – HiTrust's Open Interface Module (OI) & XML module allows for ready integration to other client systems, while retaining HiTrust's necessary enforcement of information validity, security and auditing
  • Powerful Reporting Engine – The solution provides a powerful reporting engine for the generation of regular reports, periodic investor statements and ad-hoc queries. Reports can be generated manually, can be scheduled, such as end-of-year statements, or can be triggered by certain events in the system, such as full redemption of a fund
  • Agents and Adviser Management – the management of third-party agents and advisers is fully automated. Commissions, both trading and trailing, are calculated for the portfolios under the agent's management. Commission payment and preparation of statements is also automated 
  • Regular Savings and Withdrawal Plans – the solution supports investor’s regular deposit and withdrawal of funds with automated periodic subscriptions and redemptions
  • Income Management – the solution provides income management for funds, including distribution processing, calculation of entitlements, re-investment of income and the production of associated notices, reports and tax statements. The solution also allows reversals of distribution when required
  • Adviser and Investor Web Portals – investors can view their personal information, portfolios, transactions via a self-service online portal. Through the self-service web portal, Advisers can also review their funds under management, commissions, and review the performance of the investors' portfolios under their management
  • HiPortfolio Integration – HiTrust offers integration to our market leading and award winning HiPortfolio Investment Accounting and Asset Servicing solution, providing clients with an end-to-end fund management, fund accounting, unit pricing and registry management suite

HiTrust's modular design and pricing allows you to invest only in those components of the solution that your business operation requires. This means your investment in HiTrust is precisely tailored to your needs. New functional modules can be added as your business grows and changes

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